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Panama Canal Costs

All Canal users are subject to tolls and fees. The payment to canal authorities shall be done in advance, before the service is rendered, and through a bank guarantee system established by the authority.

Vehicle Carrier in the Panama Canal
Financial Arrangements

for Toll & Other Expenses

  • The transit agent must receive sufficient funds in advance in order to make the required financial arrangements with the canal authority.

  • VWithout the necessary financial arrangements the vessel will not transit.

  • Any extraordinary cost, outside of the basic cost (including the ancillary charges) will be invoiced through the same bank guarantee placed by the agent before the canal transit.

  • In exceptional cases, where a significant amount is generated during the transit, including high fines, the canal authority will work on the basis of a Letter of Undertaking, which will need to be submitted and accepted prior to allowing the vessel's departure.

  • The complete canal tariff is available at

  • Final Disbursement Account, for cost incurred during the vessel's transit, is usually ready for dispatch six week of vessels' departure

    Should cash advances, repairs, stores, etc. be required then additional funds must also be remitted in a timely manner to cover these requirements.

  • Disbursement accounts covering a vessel's activities will be compiled and forwarded approximately six weeks after departure.

Start Planning Your Panama Canal Transit

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