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Bernard (Joe) Josephs, President of C. Fernie entered the company in 1969 and has since managed the transshipment of Alaskan Oil through Panama to the USA from 1976-1991 and played an instrumental role in the growth of tourism and the landing of passengers from cruise ships visiting the Panama Canal. Mr Josephs is fluent in English, Spanish and Fench.

Peter Johnson, Vice-President of C. Fernie entered the firm in 1974 after several years as an officer aboard general cargo and drilling vessels. In over 30 years with the company he has led the Liner service operations, P&I work and Canal transit Operations. Mr. Johnson also served as a Director of the Panama Chamber of Shipping.

Stuart Newall, Operations Manager, with over 12 years experience and an impressive international educational background , Stuart offers a diverse wealth of knowledge and experience to the Principals that entrust their vessels to C. Fernie. Stuart has inherited the supervision of the Cruise vessel section of operations and is the son of Mr Roy Newall, retired President of C.Fernie & Company

Gian Carlo Calvosa provides a keen and detailed knowledge for special Tanker Terminals of Chiriqui Grande, Puerto Armuelles, and Taboguilla. For the last 15 years Gian Carlo has attended and grown with the special Terminals and can often foresee the vessels's requirements before they arise.

Gerald Bodden, Operations Manager, with over 25 years of experience and a passion for effective customer relations. His daily efforts support the continued improvement strategy of the company and he focuses his efforts on effective communications with the Principals. “Jerry” was instrumental in the canal terminal port tugboat transition process from Panama Canal Commission tugs to the present tugboat operation by concessionaire under the auspices of the Panama Maritime Authority.

Ramón Llorach, Operations Manager, his tireless efforts have won many plaudits from Principals who can rely on his professionalism and dedication to the cause. He was, for long time, a Manager for the Chiquita Brands Company.

Enrico Coulson, Liner Manager, has many years of experience in the shipping , with an in-depth knowledge of the liner business , which has given Enrico the necessary knowledge and professionalism to understand the needs of the Principals, and of their customers.

Andre Perret, with nearly 30 years involvement in shipping at the Panama Canal, its cargo terminals and other ports in the Republic of Panama, André is the Manager of the P&I department and, as such, is tasked with representing Protection & Indemnity insurers, various Hull Underwriters, Port Terminal Operator insurance as well as Intermediaries. He is widely respected by the legal departments of the Panama Canal Authority and the Panama Maritime Authority and by the many attorneys with whom he handles claims.

Jaime Torné, Cruise Ship Operations, Jaime – Experience, knowledge, professionalism, immediate response 24/7 during the whole year makes us not your best option but the right one.

John Blennerhassett, the Administrative Manager – a recent addition to the staff, John has proven his talent in all aspects of modern technologies, computer sciences, planning and management skills that allow Fernie to keep pace with the rapid changes ongoing in the Canal Authority. John has shown remarkable aptitude for personnel and general administrative work.

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